What is Farm-Crafted?

When I started thinking about branding for our company, farm-crafted kept coming to mind.  Farm-crafted, crafted from the farm, crafting on the farm.  Any way I looked at it, it fit my vision.  My vision was to incorporate part of our farm into every product we make. We had an abundance of goat milk from our two Nigerian Dwarf goats, eggs from our hens, and herbs and vegetables from our garden.   We were already growing calendula, cornflowers, sunflowers, comfrey, cucumbers, pumpkins, borage, roses, the list goes on.  I had so many ingredients right out the front door.   So it stuck, EJ's Farm-Crafted.  When you buy an EJ's Farm crafted product, you are buying a piece of our urban farm.  

Our gardens are bordered by beds of wildflowers.  These wildflowers attract beneficial insects and pollinators.  Those beneficial insects keep pests off of our vegetable plants and the pollinators ensure that we have plenty of food growing.  It is a natural cycle.  Once EJ's Farm-Crafted was formed, the wildflowers started taking on another role.  Many of them have skin-soothing properties.  We infuse oils with flowers and herbs to extract their beneficial properties.  Those oils are then used in our soaps, lotion bars, salves, and lip balms.

We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk.  Nigerian Dwarfs are a miniature dairy breed.  Their milk is very high in butterfat, making it perfect for cheese and soap.  Our goats produce between 1-2 quarts a day.  We do not bottle feed our babies so we are sharing milk with them.  We also do not breed our goats every year.  We like to give them a break as they are typically in milk 7-10 months.  Our goat milk soaps are very creamy and nourishing for your skin.


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