Milk 'n Oats Milk Bath


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Relax after a long day in a bath with our farm-crafted milk bath.  We combine coconut milk and colloidal oatmeal with herbs and flowers to create a truly soothing bath.  Milk 'n Oats.  Each bag comes with a reusable muslin bag to keep your tub clean, and a scoop.

Our milk bath does not contain any fragrances or essential oils.  Essential oils may be added to your bath by combining your favorite skin safe essential oil with 1 tablespoon carrier oil (fractioned coconut oil, avocado oil grapeseed oil, etc.).  Mix together and then swirl into your bath.  Do not add undiluted essential oils directly to your bath.

Each bag is 4 oz which makes approximately 3 baths.

Ingredients: coconut milk powder, colloidal oatmeal, arrowroot, milky oat tops, calendula petals, cornflower petals, safflower petals


Milk 'n Oats Milk Bath