Soap in a Sweater


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Felted soaps are a two for one!  We wrap our farm-crafted soap with wool and felt it around the soap.  The wool tightens to form a washcloth around the soap. As you use it, the felt will continue to tighten and you will eventually be left with just a felt pad.  We recommend when using your felted soap for the first time to use very warm water, this helps to saturate the wool and get the soap lathering. The soap will become infused in the wool, prolonging the life of your soap. Felted soaps are best used with one of our Boardwalk soap dishes to allow air to circulate and help it dry between uses.

All of our soaps are formulated to clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. This soap does not contain any fragrances, essential oils, or artificial dyes. Our soaps are handcrafted using farm-fresh ingredients and only natural colors.

Ingredients: olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, cocoa butter, sunflower oil (infused with hops, lavender, chamomile, annatto), castor oil, essential oil (lavender, lime, lemon, orange), sodium lactate, french green clay

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Black/white, Lavender/purple/magenta, Royal blue/black/gray, Red/orange/yellow, Light pink/pink/magenta, Blue/moss/dark green, Red/pink/light green/dark green, Yellow/green/moss/black, Magenta/blue/dark green, Purple/blue/light blue