Star Flower


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Borage is an annual flowering plant.  Bee love borage for its delicate purple flowers which have given this herb its other name, Starflower.  The leaves of this plant are edible and have a distinct cucumber smell.  These plants produce many seeds and will continue to self seed year after year.  The seeds are prized for their oils.  Borage seed oil is rich in gamma-linoleic acid (a type of essential fatty acid).  Our Starflower soap is made with borage seed oil and an infusion of borage flowers in sweet almond oil.  We added Brazilian Purple clay and French Green clay for a smooth lather that gently cleanses away impurities.  This soap is perfect for mature skin.  Unscented.


All of our soaps are formulated to clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils.  This soap does not contain any fragrances, essential oils, or artificial dyes. Our soaps are handcrafted using farm-fresh ingredients and only natural colors.


Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, water, sweet almond oil, sodium hydroxide, borage oil, shea butter, sodium lactate, Brazilian purple clay, French green clay


Star Flower