Lemon Poppyseed


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Do you love the smell of fresh lemon poppyseed muffins?  Well then you will love our Lemon Poppyseed soap.  Scented with lemon and litsea cubeba essential oils.  We added lemon peel powder and poppy seeds for some exfoliation, and an egg from one of our hens for a creamy lather.  This soap is wonderful to keep in the kitchen.  Use it to help remove the smell after slicing garlic or onions.  It also works well to cut through dirt from working in the garden.  


All of our soaps are formulated to clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils.  This soap does not contain any fragrances or artificial dyes. Our soaps are handcrafted using farm-fresh ingredients and only natural colors.


Ingredients: olive oil, water, coconut oil, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, sunflower oil, egg, lemon essential oil, litsea cubeba essential oil, sodium lactate, poppy seeds, lemon peel powder, turmeric, yellow clay


Lemon Poppyseed